Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Class Action Lawsuit Against Ginn Company

Alleges that the Ginn Company has breached agreements and violated several laws, including the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act and the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, on sales of residential lots in Florida. (Source) HT: Lynne Vogel

Closer to home, we hear that one-quarter of the residential lots offered at the huge Laurelmor development (mostly in Watauga County) have sold. If you need to know what they're selling for, you can't afford one.

We also hear that the original four golf courses at Laurelmor have been scaled back to one, which is currently being built.

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Anonymous said...

These people are poor excuses for human beings. I have been ripped off by them in Palm Coast and on Heavenly Mountain! I have contact NC Attorney General and have never gotten an answer and sent the infor to the local FBI. Bank of America has me running in circles from one clerk to another. Tons of FRAUD! Stay away!