Thursday, April 03, 2008

How Do You Out-Think a Political Party That Ain't Thinking?

Read on the "Dome" this a.m. that a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee confidently proclaimed that Obama and Clinton can put North Carolina "in play" all they want in this Democratic primary, but it won't -- definitely WILL NOT -- be in play come November.


Because John Edwards did not carry the state for John Kerry in 2004.

Seriously, that's what she said. And that the Republicans have carried the state in presidential elections since 1976. End of discussion.

Confession: we love it that the RNC is thinking like this. We love it that they are apparently oblivious to these numbers, that they are so confident that the past has etched the future in stone. We adore Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's obtuseness about economic worries ("Don't have health insurance? You have ONLY yourself to blame!"). We admire the rationalization of our own Watauga County GOP that not fielding candidates for local office is a brilliant stroke of political cunning. We're absolutely gaga over Mullah James Dobson's insistence that Sen. John McSame does not pass the litmus test for conservative purity.

Meanwhile, we get an e-mail this a.m. from a local Republican who has changed registration to Democrat and is looking for the local Obama office. Apparently, that voter hasn't heard that McSame already won N.C. by virtue of John Edwards' losing it four years ago.

If politics weren't so damn amusing, how could we put up with the appalling sapience of the RNC prognosticators?

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