Friday, April 11, 2008

Positive Charge

Received a robo-call this afternoon at Chez Williamson:
Hi, this is Bev Perdue. I wanted you to know wherever I go, people ask me, "Can't we stop the negative campaigning?" So I've decided to take my negative ads off the air and run only positive ads. In my campaign for governor, I'll be speaking to the issues that matter to you and your family -- jobs, health care, and education. Let's have a positive campaign for North Carolina's future, and please visit to learn more about our positive campaign....

That's three positives in less than a minute.

According to both Carter Wrenn and Gary Pearce, this unilateral disarmament by Perdue is nothing less than political suicide.

Ed Cone: "...a cynical view would be that she's stopping because the negativity was hurting her with voters. Or maybe Moore's negative ads are hurting her, and this is a way of disarming him and claiming the high ground."

We'd say it's the latter. And perhaps it'll work. Then maybe Hillary will try it too.

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