Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Question for Foxx: Which Baptism Is Current?

Lisa Zagaroli reported yesterday that our own Madam Virginia Foxx will be one of three North Carolina congresspersons "who are Roman Catholic" who will be greeting Pope Benedict XVI tomorrow on the south lawn of the White House.

And here we thought she was a proud Baptist and member of Blowing Rock First Baptist Church!

Apparently, she's a Baptist when she's in the 5th District. She's a Roman Catholic when the Pope comes to town.

Well, actually she's both, which takes a straddle that a Chinese acrobat would envy. She told The Hill newspaper in 2005, " 'I was baptized as a Catholic and then attended a Baptist church and was baptized as a Baptist.' ... When Foxx can't make it to the First Baptist Church in Blowing Rock, she watches church on TV."

None of which, incidentally, is particularly believeable.

But she'll be smooching the Pope's ring, you bet!

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