Monday, September 04, 2006

What Kind of TV Will Foxx Do?

This article details the purely logical transformation of Republican congressional advertising this year. Not many TV spots so far contain any images of El Presidente. No grinning congresscritters clasping the presidential hand in happier days. And some of those who have voted for Bush policies, oh, 90 percent of the time, or better, are now declaring themselves "independent." What a crock.

Can't wait to see what The Madam puts up as her "best face" this year. Will she drop her adulation of the Frat Boy? Or will she stubbornly stick to her president and his dandy little war?

We're betting the latter.

The Madam has never been one to follow fads.

ADDENDUM: Be sure to catch this article that reveals The Madam maintaining her hard-as-granite attitude toward immigration, despite the fact she built her fortune on the backs of those same immigrants. And we absolutely love her butter-won't-melt-in-my-mouth ability to utter lines like this:

"Illegal immigration should not be a political issue."

Man, you can't script hypocrisy like that.

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