Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poster Child of the Bush Judiciary

A 15-member panel of the American Bar Association, including three big Bush donors, have unanimously -- UNANIMOUSLY -- rated a Bush nominee to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals as "not qualified." This is the first "not qualified" rating by the ABA of an appellate appointment since 1982.

The ABA report on Wallace is here, though it does not get into the specifics of what 69 separate interviews turned up, interviews with other lawyers and judges before whom Wallace has appeared.

Bottomline: the ABA investigators determined that Wallace lacks "judicial temperament," which means in simple terms the man is not free of bias. From the ABA report:
One of the negative comments expressed over and over, and often with great emotion and concern for the system, was that Mr. Wallace had not shown a commitment to equal justice under the law. Lawyers and judges stated that Mr. Wallace did not understand or care about issues central to the lives of the poor, minorities, the marginalized, the have-nots, and those who do not share his view of the world. These concerns were most often discussed in the context of Voting Rights Act cases and other issues involving constitutional rights.

This is the sort of man El Presidente wants judging us.

Naturally, we expect the Christian Right to take up the cause of championing this man for the court, since he is so clearly a disciple of Christ's message to the poor of the earth.

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