Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Melting of Liddy Dole

Rob Christensen in today's N&O suggests that U.S. Sen. Liddy Dole looks invulnerable in 2008, which is like saying that a frozen turkey in the bottom of the freezer can't possibly defrost in time for Sunday dinner.

The "likely scenario," writes Christensen, "is that the Democrats will put up an underfunded B-Team or C-Team candidate" against Dole in two years, rather than an Easley or a Cooper.

But did you see Dole on CBS's Face the Nation this a.m.? Lordy, was she awful or what? She can't handle tough questioning, looks unprepared (though impeccably coifed), and giggles at inappropriate times, as in when she doesn't have an answer.

And if things don't go well for her team in this November election -- she's head of the Republican Senatorial Committee, in charge of recruiting senate candidates across the nation and campaigning for them -- that turkey could melt far faster than anyone ever dreamed.

CORRECTION: Of course, it was Fox News Sunday and not Face the Nation that Liddy Dole appeared on. I watch 'em all, so they meld into one mass of gas-baggery by the end of the day. Here's access to on-line screening of just how awful Dole was.

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