Saturday, September 09, 2006

NC GOP Opts for Irony

News is out this a.m. in the N&O that the NC Republican Party intends to take control of the state legislature this year on these four issues:
The Jim Black corruption scandal (duh)
Illegal immigration (ay, caramba!)
Gay marriage (yawn)
Wasteful spending (ca-ching!)

But wait, mi amigos! Maybe you can get your hooks into that great big beached whale (Jim Black), but considering the behavior of your Republican betters in Washington, D.C., who have utterly failed at immigration reform and who are the biggest wasteful spenders in the history of the Republic, if not of the entire Universe, do you not think the voters might notice the hypocrisy of THAT platform?

But you stick to your guns on gay marriage! QueerFear is ALWAYS entertaining, especially in those who have so much to hide, and we DO want you to put a stop to all these gay marriages that are going on all over North Carolina. Or COULD, if you don't take decisive action NOW.

Next, we suppose David Blust will be running as a hard-worker, Gene Wilson as a visionary, and Keith Honeycutt as a straight-shooter.

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