Friday, March 10, 2006


Shortly before Vernon Robinson, the self-described "black Jesse Helms," decided that U.S. Congressman Brad Miller is the greatest liberal threat to America, he had decided that U.S. Congressman Mel Watt was the greatest liberal threat to America. Watt represents the 12th Congressional District; Miller represents the 13th Congressional District. Robinson actually lives in the 5th Congressional District. But what's a few digits when you're shopping for a congressional race to get into?

In a fund-raising letter ("Dear Fellow Conservative") mailed in February from Dulles, Va., Robinson was all about "the radical chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus," Mel Watt, who "is even more obnoxious and radical than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton." Watt is not, however, more obnoxious than Robinson himself.

Who has anyway moved on to Brad Miller, elbowing his way into a Republican primary in the NC-13 where he can swamp the other Republicans in the race with national notoriety and a massive fund-raising machine fueled by Christian conservatives terrified that homosexuals are coming to get them. QueerFear is but one of Robinson's specialities.

Back when he was running against Watt instead of Miller, he was also willing to run against the national Republican Party and its figurehead. Here's lingo from his "Dear Fellow Conservative" letter sent in February:

"Today, we are met at a new crossroads. A choice that will determine whether we are worthy as a country of the Reagan legacy and whether we will become again the common sense conservative party of Ronald Reagan or whether we will become the party of George Gallup, the pollster. It is inexcusable that the White House and GOP majority have failed to stop the illegal immigration invasion into our country. And I'm also disappointed that with Republicans controlling Congress and the White House, we haven't done anything to stop the runaway growth of federal spending or political corruption in Washington, D.C."

Robinson's chief Republican opponent in the May 2nd primary, John Ross Hendrix, is not amused to have Robinson storm-troopering around on his turf. Hendrix says on his website, "Many republicans are searching for a candidate who is not leaning toward the extremism which turned off some 13th district voters in the past. They seek vision, moderation, and a common sense approach to the difficulties facing North Carolina and this nation."

How gay.

Robinson knows how to deal with the likes of you, Mr. Hendrix.

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