Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lesson for College Students: Don't Mock the President

A Mars Hill College freshman had his computer confiscated by the Secret Service because he posted lyrics of a 1978 Misfits song titled "Bullet" on his website, substituting El Presidente's bullet-riddled body lying in the street for John F. Kennedy's. The Secret Service said this amounted to a threat against the president's life. Or at least they thought it MIGHT be a threat against the president's life, so they came all the way up into these mountains and grabbed the kid's computer. Since then the Secret Service has decided that the Mars Hill College freshman is NOT a threat to the president's life, but they're keeping his computer anyway. Special Agent Russ Nelson says the Secret Service plans "to continue to examine other information on Willis' computer before deciding whether he broke the law."

Maybe he's got a nekkid pitcher on there!

Can you spell "harassment"?

Gosh, it's soooo reassuring to know that the Secret Service can make a perfect hell of the life of a freshman at a Baptist college in the North Carolina mountains!

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