Monday, March 06, 2006

MeanDean Catching Flak

According to this a.m.'s WashPost, DNC Chair Howard Dean was called in to a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who attempted to discipline MeanDean about his notions of focusing resources on organizing Democrats in Red States like North Carolina, instead of pumping all the money and resources into a handful of key races. Must have been a hell of a meeting:

"Neither side was willing to give ground, according to several accounts of the meeting. Dean argued that his strategy is designed to rebuild the party across the country, and that he had pledged to do so when he ran for party chairman."

Reactions to Dean's gameplan of putting organizers into all 50 states were bound to fluctuate, as are results. But at least for our corner of North Carolina, local county Democratic parties are beginning to stir under Dean's ministrations and to shake off decades-old lethargy. That does not mean that Democrats will win everything this fall. It just means that the N.C. GOP won't be able to take so many counties for granted, and that's definitely a step in the right direction.

And when Pelosi, Reid, and Crew begin to act like Democrats up there in Washington -- consistently and with conviction, the occasional odd blip of principled behavior notwithstanding -- then we'll be more inclined to cry "boo-hoo" when they go mewling to MeanDean.

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