Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Mad dog Vernon Robinson didn't file against Mel Watt in the 12th Congressional Dist., like he said he was going to do. He filed instead against Brad Miller in the 13th. He'll first have a primary against fellow Republican John Ross Hendrix. Why run for Miller's seat rather than Mel Watt's? Dunno. But maybe he's playing the odds. Calling a white boy "lib'rul" will perhaps be more effective than calling Mel Watt by that name.

'Pears there'll be a primary now for Watauga County School Board, with seven total candidates. One will be eliminated on May 2nd. The outcome, in some considerable part, will actually hinge on the Republican primary for Sheriff. If Joe Moody carries that election against incumbent Sheriff Mark Shook, then look for Allen Trivette to survive the primary. One of the "lesser known names" will likely be eliminated.

Most melancholy e-mail of the day, circulating on the ASU campus: "BIG Moving Sale at the Appalachian Cultural Museum!" No, not the priceless artifacts, but the merchandise in the museum store ... which "will be reduced during a special moving sale from March 2 through March 11. Discounts range from 20-50%, with almost everything in the store included." The museum is also offering free admission through March 11th, when it will close its doors ... forever? We dare Chancellor Ken Peacock to prove us wrong, but we have a sinking feeling that once it's in storage, it's all over for that important cultural institution.

THAT will be the Chancellor's signature achievement.

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