Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Democrats ... Flat-Footed as Always!

Will Rogers, who could rope an idea faster than some men can clear their throats, famously commented, "I don't belong to an organized political party. I'm a Democrat."

We're reminded of that (once again!) by this Terri Schiavo show-down. Polls are showing about a 70 percent majority of the American people thinking the Republicans are (pardon the precise medical term) "dickheads" on this issue. And where are the Democrats? Well, some of them, like Senators Reid and Harken, were trying to grab hold of the "scantity of life" express from the backside, as though riding the Republican caboose was going to get them to any destination that would have them, once they arrived.

A few House Democrats -- about 50 -- stood up and called a spade a spade.

This article in today's WashPost, about the polling on the Schiavo case, heightens the Democrats' appallingly lame reaction and the message opportunity that Republican self-righteousness has opened up. 'Course, our national Democrats can't see a target the size of a barn, much less hit it.

"...a debate that many Democrats seem eager to avoid..."

"Polls and analyses suggest that Republicans could find themselves out of step with many Americans, especially if Democrats find a more unified voice on the subject." As if!

"The poll suggests that Democrats have an opportunity to speak for a significant portion of Americans who feel the GOP is overreaching." But it takes cojones to speak, so don't count on it.

"Democrats are divided over how to respond to the emotional right-to-die issue ... and as long as there is not a 'Democratic worldview,' strongly committed conservatives will control the debate."

"Some Democrats liken the Schiavo situation to debates over gun control, in which a fiercely committed minority -- led in part by the National Rifle Association -- has thwarted legislation supported for years by most Americans."

" 'Our folks are nervous about this,' said a high-ranking House Democratic aide, one of several who would speak only on background because of the topic's sensitivity. Democrats are aware of the polls, he said, but also wary of the intensity and determination of the conservative groups -- many of them steeped in the politics of abortion -- that are demanding that Schiavo be kept alive." We're SKEERED!

"Democrats may be misreading the public's mood..."


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