Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Campus Witch Hunt

David Horowitz has been beating the drum for conservative college students to fight back against their commie college professors, and he's been using a story about a student at Northern Colorado University to make his points about how positively unAmerican professors are these days. The NCU student was supposedly asked on a test to "explain why George Bush is a war criminal." According to Horowitz's account, the student wrote an essay explaining why Saddam Hussein was a war criminal and received an F.

Think Progress exposes the several outright fabrications in this story, and apparently Horowitz is trying to save face.

Having spent several decades teaching college students how to read and write, and having heard more than one hair-raising tale of alleged intellectual malfeasance told by breathless students against one of my professor colleagues, I could have warned Horowitz about believing everything he hears. Students often have their own motives for wanting people to believe that their professors are in league with Satan.

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