Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Queer Fear Grabs a-Hold of Dick Burr

The Raleigh News & Observer says Congressman Richard Burr is "evolving." Last March, in a speech at Broughton High School, Burr said he thought a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriages was unnecessary. "The bar for a constitutional amendment is high," Burr told the students. "I believe we can accomplish what we need to do ... legislatively."

He's changed his mind, caught in the stampede of the wild-eyed: "Burr said he had always intended to support the constitutional amendment and the only question was timing." (News & Observer coverage here; scroll down.) So he's signed on in the U.S. House as a co-sponsor of the constitutional amendment against gays.

Now that his personal "evolution" has gotten him to the knuckle-dragging stage of practically every other Republican politician in the South, will he complete the transition and become another Vernon Robinson brown-shirt Republican?

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