Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Billboard Industry Empowerment Act of 2004

Catching up on news from Tuesday ... when the Best Little Whorehouse in Raleigh, i.e., the state legislature, decided to pass a special dispensation for a very special interest, i.e., the billboard industry, which now (if the Guv signs this piece of crap) must be paid up to five times the annual revenue from a billboard by any municipality wishing to eliminate the eye-sores from its civic landscape.

The Raleigh News & Observer is out this a.m. with an editorial urging the Guv to veto the bill. Will he? Probably not, at which we'll feel even more shame than we feel over the fact that it was mainly powerful Democrats in the state senate who carried this water for the billboard lobby, to the utter delight and amazement of their Republican colleagues, who didn't have to lift a finger to benefit the industry that is probably more prone in the future to fund THEIR campaigns rather than the campaigns of the so-called "liberal" Democrats, who in this particular case ought to be arrested for indecent exposure, if for nothing else, for jacking off in public.

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