Tuesday, July 13, 2004

N.C. House Overrides Easley's Billboard Veto

The North Carolina House yesterday, without debate, voted 79-34 to override Gov. Easley's veto of the Billboard Industry Empowerment Act of 2004. The billboard industry proponents in the state house needed only three-fifths of those present (or 68) votes to override. One guess how Watauga County representative Gene Wilson voted.

The matter now goes to the state senate, and it isn't at all clear what happens next. According to the Raleigh N&O, "The Senate didn't take up the issue Monday, and it is unclear when or whether it will."

What IS clear ... that house members had heard little from constituents on this issue (other than from the billboard lobby) and couldn't wait to vote. On their failure to even discuss the merits of the Guv's veto, Easley said, "I am disappointed that the House did not make an effort to reach a compromise. This bill is overly burdensome to local governments and taxpayers. I hope that the Senate will be more deliberative on this important issue."

We would urge you to contact Sen. Virginia Foxx, but what's the use? She doesn't listen to anyone who doesn't already agree with her.

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