Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tempest in Davidson County

Last Thursday, Fred Sink, a Republican county commissioner in Davidson County, was convicted of a felony ("aiding and abetting obtaining property by false pretenses") for inducing a county employee to fix a toilet in his home on county time (the Lexington Dispatch requires free registration). Sink is a past sheriff of Davidson County, and according to Assistant District Attorney Greg Brown, Mr. Sink has taken part "in a pattern of local government corruption." Like any Republican politician convicted of wrong-doing, Sink quickly wrapped himself in Christ: "I am not the ringleader of a Davidson County Mafia," he said. "I have tried to live a Christian life all my life, and I'm going to try to do that no matter what."

Six hours later and in the exact same courtroom where he was convicted, Sink attended the county Republican Convention and apparently received the endorsement of his party to hang tough. He declared he would not resign his seat on the County Commission unless forced to, and he's appealing his conviction. Across the courtroom at the same convention sat Republican District Attorney Garry Frank, the man who prosecuted him. You could have cut the tension with a dull butter knife!

Speaking of tense Republican county conventions ... what happened at the Republican convention Saturday a week ago? No press coverage. Nothing but the rumor that Watauga County Republicans elected Spencer Mains as their chair. Why the secrecy?

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