Monday, February 19, 2024

Tucker Carlson's Red Period; Thom's Blue

Tucker Carlson is now a thing on X, posting videos of interviews with strong men admired by the militant Right. Of course, you heard about the video he posted of his recent trip to a grocery store in Moscow, praising Russia (hence, Putin) for the price of its groceries and its superior cleanliness. Earlier last week, Tucker said Moscow is “so much nicer than any city in my country.”

The sometimes liberated Thom Tillis wasn't having it. Tillis tweeted back, “Ah yes, Russia is so much better than the U.S. with all those cheap groceries and lavish subway stations. The Soviets had a term for people like Tucker: useful idiots.”

Does Senator Tillis have polling or any other data that suggests the MAGA-wing of the NCGOP isn't as powerful as it thinks, so he feels free to let loose every once in a while (in between fits of kowtowing). Tillis is a hard man to predict. But fun to watch right now.


Wolf's Head said...

Tillis might as well be a democrat.

In fact, we on the right would be better off having a moderate democrat Senator who might actually listen to us and might have some influence moderating the lunatic left.

Traitor Tillis is a fool and a tool.

Anonymous said...

You’d think Wolf would have better things to do than troll a local progressive blog. But while we’re at it, if Thom freaking Tillis is too left for you, I’d recommend a move to the middle of nowhere in Wyoming or Utah. They might be more your speed.

Wolf's Head said...

And miss having you for a neighbor?