Thursday, February 01, 2024

Gary Pearce to Dems: "Stop Freaking Out About Diaper Don"


I really hate just copying someone else's work, but on some days, a colleague writes something so spare and true that you're tempted to outright theft. Like Gary Pearce said:

Gary Pearce

Stop freaking out over polls and pundits. Stop fretting. Start fighting.

Volunteer. Donate to candidates or the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Pick up your phones, iPads and pitchforks.

You can talk issues, per Simon Rosenberg, one of the sharpest political analysts around:

“Rs want the economy to crash, the border to be in chaos, Russia to win, the planet to warm faster, more dead kids in school, more women to die and our democracy to end.”

Or you can follow the lead of James Carville: “Mock Trump. We have to be as mean to him as he is to the people of this country.”

Carville’s message: “He’s fat, and he stinks.”

Call him Diaper Don.

Now, Carville’s style of invective may not be to your taste. But let him make his case here. You’ll be entertained, at least.

Whatever it takes, let’s take Trump down.

He’s teetering and tottering.

He’s a man in severe physical and mental decline.

He confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi.

He’s under indictment for 91 felonies. He has been found guilty of raping a woman.

He’s what he calls people he hates: a loser.

He lost the popular vote in 2016. He won the Electoral College only because of James Comey’s election interference.

He lost to Biden in 2020.

He took Republicans to historic losses in 2018, 2020 and 2020.

He could take the entire party down with him this year.

He’s ripe for a fall.

In 2024, let’s be done with him once and for all.


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