Thursday, February 15, 2024

Robinson Finds a Clue

“Not huge … but we don’t need a huge crowd."

--Candidate Mark Robinson, commenting on the small attendance at a campaign "rally" held at an event venue in Rocky Mount. "Not bad for a Wednesday."

Fox8 reporter Emily Mikkelsen obtained the audio of a Mark Robinson campaign event at Factory 633 in Rocky Mount and transcribed this self-reflective moment when Robinson got ruffled that anyone would accuse him of toning it all down to attract more moderate vote. So this sounds like a subdued Robinson, not the hellfire preacher. One might almost say cowed:

“Now I don’t want you to be dismayed, though, [that] you all didn’t hear me mention any social issues. ‘Somehow, Mark Robinson has gone soft, is now afraid to tackle the social issues.’ I’ve already tackled the social issues.

"I’ve already told people how I feel about men competing against women in sports. The legislature already spoke on that issue.

"We’ve already told people how we feel about life. We moved that back 8 weeks down to 12 weeks.

"We’ve already told people how we feel about this disgusting pornography, this disgusting pornography that they tried to present to our children in our schools.

"We’ve already told them. I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time talking about it.”

It's guaranteed, Sir, that plenty of others will spend "a whole lot of time talking about it."


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