Sunday, January 14, 2024

Update on the DemPrimary To Oust Tricia Cotham


Sidman, Holmes, and Lansdell

Previously, none of the three Democrats in the March primary in House District 105 had any campaign infrastructure or social media presence. Here's what I discover today.

Nicole Sidman

Terry Lansdell

No website nor social media found

Yolonda Holmes

Holmes (who seems to have settled how her name must be spelled, with two o's) has the best website, with plenty of platform issues. Holmes also has the most active Facebook and Twitter feeds. Very hard to tell -- impossible from this distance -- who's most active on the ground, knocking doors, making calls, activating the base.

Yolonda Holmes reported about $8,000 cash on hand to the State Board of Elections (SBOE) in May 2022, after she had lost the Democratic primary to now-incumbent Tricia Cotham (at the time, also a Democrat) -- likely leftover cash from that campaign. There's been no fundraising report since then.

Lansdell filed a disclosure report with the SBOE covering only three days in December, listed minimal expenses, and no fundraising as of yet.

Sidwell hasn't filed a Statement of Organization with the SBOE nor any disclosure reports. Strange.

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