Monday, January 15, 2024

And the Virginia Foxx Poor-Mouthing Oscar Goes To...

Chuck Edward and Christian Reagan

Congressman Chuck Edwards (11th CD) faced his Republican primary challenger, Christian Reagan (that's really his name), in a debate last Saturday that turned ugly. At one point, Reagan, who apparently always wears a big cowboy hat except during prayers, referred to incumbent Edwards -- “people like this, who are the elite, that represent Washington, D.C., and they come here, and they have the jargon, and they have it down. And the point is that we have to change what we do as a country. And,” gesturing toward Edwards, Reagan added, “we will never do it with people like this.”

According to reporter Tom Fiedler, who was there in Clay County, "Edwards exploded":

“I lived in mill housing; I lived in trailers and I worked my tail off all my life, just as my mother and my father did,” Edwards said, staring at Reagan.

“There is nothing ‘elite,’ ” he said, almost spitting the word out, “about this person who has asked to go to Congress to represent you because I understand how hard people in these mountains work and what it takes to live the American dream.

“I totally reject anyone who says that I am ‘elite,’ " Edwards sputtered. “My wife and I once went and found 83 cents so we could buy kerosene for our house so we could keep our house warm through the night and I could get paid the next day. That is not elite.”

Make no mistake: both Edwards and Reagan are MAGAts to the hilt (or to the crown of their hat), so there's really not a dime worth of difference between the two of them. Sorry, 11th District!

For years Virginia Foxx has deflected criticisms of her wealth, which seems to have accumulated exponentially since she took elected office, by loudly proclaiming how poor she was growing up. Poor as she was, she never learned humility or kindness, rather like the rich fast-food king from the 11th CD. 

Edwards has promised he won't be appearing alongside Christian Reagan again before the March 5 primary.

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