Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Cruelty of the NCGOP


Rojas and Betts, in NYTimes today:

North Carolina became the latest state to block minors from having access to gender-transition care, as Republican lawmakers voted on Wednesday to override the governor’s veto of a bill restricting hormone treatments, puberty blockers and surgeries for young people.

The move came as the State Legislature’s Republican supermajorities marshaled the votes to topple several other of Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes, reviving legislation that limits female transgender students’ participation in school sports and restricts what can be taught in schools about gender and sexual orientation.

North Carolina now joins about 20 other states that have enacted legislation blocking access to transition-related care for minors, with many of those laws passed this year as conservative lawmakers across the country have seized upon L.G.T.B.Q. issues....

[Transgender advocates] have contended that denying access to this kind of care can be dangerous and detrimental to transgender youths, who have high rates of anxiety, depression and suicide attempts, and whose mental health could improve with gender-affirming care, some research has shown.

“You can say that this is not anti-L.G.B.T.Q., but it is,” Senator Lisa Grafstein, a Democrat, told other lawmakers during the debate on Wednesday. “What we’re doing here will hurt people.” ...

Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, has assailed Republicans for getting swept up in what he described as “political culture wars,” devoting their attention to targeting a small and marginalized group of young people instead of attending to more pressing issues confronting the state.

Special Shoutout to Tricia Cotham for joining and enabling this legislative menace.


Wolf's Head said...

XX or XY.

All else is either a social construct by manipulative leftists or a mental illness.

Either way, removing a child's sex organs for so-called gender reassignment will not change who they are at the DNA level.

And it's continuing the work Joseph Mengele did at Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

Well then that settles it. And while we’re at it, let’s have the state enforce that dogma. But what happened to medical freedom again?

Red Hornet said...

Old Houndog is a Talibanana.
Now if the Talibananas would do like the Amish and tend strictly to their own bidness things would be OK. Their victims could escape their domination and flee into the outside world. But they ain't satisfied playing their own organs. They wanna be up in everyone else's crotch working their voodoo. I expect they done wore out their welcome in their own patch.

Wolf's Head said...

Tell me how 'medical freedom' will change your DNA from XX to XY or vice versa.

This is about not sexually mutilating children.

As for adults, as long as I don't have to pay for it through taxes, then go ahead and cut your dick or tits off. Removing yourself from the human gene pool is the best thing you could do for humanities future.

Red Hornet said...

Old Houndog seems obsessed with children's private parts.
He's got them mixed up with the frybreaded stuff from Bojangles.
Biscuit porn. Wangs, thayghs, breests ... yum, yum, yum.

Wolf's Head said...

"“You can say that this is not anti-L.G.B.T.Q., but it is,” Senator Lisa Grafstein, a Democrat, told other lawmakers during the debate on Wednesday. “What we’re doing here will hurt people.” ..."

And convincing children they are not what they are and slicing of body parts doesn't hurt people?

Unbelievable government sanctioned child abuse.

Anonymous said...

"slicing of body parts doesn't hurt people?"

Including circumcision.

Wolf's Head said...

Or female genital mutilation, although the left has taken that to a new level.

Anonymous said...

"Or female genital mutilation, although the left has taken that to a new level."

Who is doing this? BTW, circumcision is male genital mutilation.

Wolf's Head said...

Not a great source, but...

Quote: "As of 2023, UNICEF estimates that "at least 200 million girls... in 31 countries", including Indonesia, Iraq, Yemen, and 27 African countries including Egypt—had been subjected to one or more types of female genital mutilation.[3]"

That was 200 MILLION. More than the population of Germany and England combined. I will note they are mostly Muslim countries.

1. You could have EASILY fact checked this yourself in 3 seconds.

2. This was all over the news during the Obama years, when cases were exposed here in the

3. I can only conclude you are lazy and willfully ignorant. Both can be corrected so you might want to work on that.

Red Hornet said...

We live in an age of vaginal rejuvenation. (often using lasers)
Demi-celebrities are recommending it to enhance confidence and extend careers.

Q said...

"Or female genital mutilation, although the left has taken that to a new level."

Your fetish has gotten the best of you. Wikipedia makes no mention of the "left", or democratic politics, in any way. Yet, you are quite consumed with all manners of offense that genitalia pose to you. Wikipedia also has this to say:

"The practice is rooted in gender inequality, attempts to control women's sexuality, and ideas about purity, modesty, and beauty."

There is that correlation to republican ideology.

Wolf's Head said...

There is no offense to me, only to those who have been mutilated by religious or political zealots.

I pity the victims, not myself.

Red Hornet said...

If Wolf's Head didn't exist it would have been necessary for Jerry to invent him.
This does not rise to the level of a classic Greek dialogue but generates some interest. Reviewing the crude discussion we can conclude the entire dust-up is rooted in Old Hound Dog's fear of being neutered (castrated). Other metaphors for castration are blindness, shaved head and loss of dominate roles. When we superimpose these metaphors on the White Male Supremacy that feels itself threatened this is an encapsulation of the Civil War predictions and gun threats that are now being floated.
By inventing or summoning the embodiment of pure selfish evil one can make other distasteful alternatives seem preferable in comparison. Even the unknown is a better choice than oblivion. With an overlying lens of sexuality these memes become volatile.
And that is my latest socio-political update.