Friday, August 04, 2023

Dan Bishop Wants To Be A.G. -- Good Lord!


The man who wrote, championed, and defended the notorious Bathroom Bill when he was an NC senator now wants to run our state's law enforcement. H.B. 2 was fairly quickly repealed, though not until major economic damage had been done to the state.

Now Bishop says he's giving up his 8th CD seat in Congress for the opportunity to frustrate even more progressive ideals. He made the announcement on live radio yesterday morning, on WBT's morning show, and immediately signaled that he intended to harass "liberals" in the cities, especially a certain mountain town with a hippy image:

“I think it’s a particular time to reinforce support for prosecutors and front line law enforcement officers,” Bishop said. “I think there’s an opportunity to use the influence of that office to restore law and order to our cities like Asheville, in particular, Charlotte, and some others.”

"Asheville, in particular."

You want a man of such titanic prejudices yoked to the power to persecute, right?

Dan Bishop, who's prominent in the Freedom Caucus, who has parroted Trump's lies and applauded Trump's abuse of power, who tortures House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for being too soft on Democrats .... that guy? That's the guy the Republicans want in charge of our laws?

At the moment, a novice Democrat, Fayetteville lawyer and ex-Marine Tim Dunn, is the only announced Democrat for A.G., the post that Josh Stein has held for two election cycles. Nobody's ever heard of Tim Dunn. That's no match for Dan Bishop's name recognition.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware that Asheville had much of a problem with law and order.

Wolf's Head said...

Yes, their problem is with liberalism and the resultant crime.

Anonymous said...

How is "liberalism" connected with "resultant crime", and what is the "resultant crime" of which you speak? What would conservatism do differently?

Wolf's Head said...

Lax prosecutions and war on the police lead to increased robberies, assaults and thefts.

My nephew in Cobb County Ga. regularly receives recruiting letters from Asheville as do the other officers in his department because Asheville can't recruit enough officers due to leftist anti-policing policies.

Actually prosecuting criminals and sending folks to jail while not treating cops as the Gestapo would help.

You reap what you sow.