Friday, August 25, 2023



Red Hornet said...

Better an unwrapped Baby Ruth in a chamber pot.

Wolf's Head said...

It's nice of the dems to help Trump's campaign like this.

It solidifies his support, gives him a campaign picture and slogan, and unites reasonable people against the leftist extremists.


Anonymous said...

Solidifies his support among a sad minority.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a prison sentence will make him the dictator that you pathologically desire.

Wolf's Head said...

7.1 Million dollars in campaign contributions since the Fulton mug shot.

Thank you for your continued support!

TRUMP 2024


Red Hornet said...

Donald Trump is the product of an outlier Neo-Confederate Oligarchy funding that split radically from the dominant MICMATT Oligarchy (The 1%/Ray McGovern). His proto-Nazism is popular with authoritarians and racists (White Supremacists). When he says punishment is required he forgets that he is the traitor who most deserves punishment.
But the main Oligarchy refuses to offer any leadership that would boost public enthusiasm, maybe because they prefer a disparaged populace and low expectations.

Anonymous said...

Legal fees grifted under the guise of campaign contributions.

Wolf's Head said...

Just like the Klintons.

Anonymous said...

Not really. Nice try though

Wolf's Head said...

Monica Lewinsky scandal ring a bell?

Once again you are totally lost.

And what happened to all of those millions of dollars in Haitian aid?

Politicians using campaign monies for legal defense is legal.

Don't like it change it.

Red Hornet said...

Old Houndog sent his Massa his tabaccy money and now is annoying everyone to cag a ciggy. He has several addictions to break.

Red Hornet said...

While we're recalling "early-american-history" let me remind you of Oct. 3, 2020 when Donald Trump exited the White House with an aerosol can of supplemental oxygen under his jacket to board a tightly parked Marine One helicopter for an emergency trip to Walter Reed Medical Center. He would be treated with Remdesivir (often used for E-bola), dexamethasone (a monoclonal antibody) and other undisclosed drugs and procedures. He spent 3 nights in the hospital but was said "not to be out of the woods yet" when he returned to the White House. Apparently he was more severely stricken than Melania, and much sicker than 12 to 15 staff members who also tested positive. All this after a dismissive attitude concerning Covid19 dangers.
Mike Pence came very close to the Presidency then.
Despite his bravado Donald John Trump is mortal and not above the laws of nature, or the laws of the United States. He's 77, grossly overweight, shrinking in height, bald after hair transplant surgery, and otherwise mentally and physically fading. No rational citizen should be hanging their hopes on this pitiful creature. (certainly not on Joe Biden either.) The American people are being played like a fiddle.

Wolf's Head said...

"The American people are being played like a fiddle." RH

And the Devil calls the tune...

Anonymous said...

"Monica Lewinsky scandal ring a bell?"

Surely, SURELY, you can do better than that. Probably not though. Trump would be considered a Lothario.

Attempting to overthrow democracy however gets a shrug.

Wolf's Head said...

Overthrow democracy?

We're a Republic.

And interference by Democrat government officials to affect the outcome of a presidential election is certainly an attempt to 'overthrow democracy', is it not?

Anyway, Trump will continue to gain money and support, and setting the trial date right before a primary just guarantees his winning.

Hope you enjoy his second term.

Whitey said...

The reason for all of these indictments is to get Trump into jail.

Where he can be 'Epsteined', or killed like Epstein or John McAfee were.

It's the only way Biden can win.

Anonymous said...

"And interference by Democrat government officials to affect the outcome of a presidential election is certainly an attempt to 'overthrow democracy'".

Where did this occur? I must have missed it.

Wolf's Head said...

There's a difference between missing something and intentionally ignoring it.

But that's understandable, dems always ignore the bad things their side does.

The Obama Administration, including VP Biden, spied on candidate Trump's campaign, and his transition team, and all dems at that time pressed the 'Russia Collusion' hoax that was falsely started and spread by the evil Hillary Clinton of Starve Haiti fame. The Hunter Biden laptop had been in the FBI's hands for months and they knew it was real but over 50 intelligence officials signed a public letter stating it was a Russia plant knowing they were lying, and lefties sucked that up like a popsicle on a hot day.

All to intentionally deceive the American public to influence the election outcome against Trump.

And, of course, there was the collusion between the FBI and the social media giants to suppress information regarding Biden's corruption and anything that was against the political establishment's narrative.

And now the left is using the legal system to prevent Trump from becoming president again.

You will say 'He committed crimes and must be punished!!!', but I doubt you would say that if the situation was reversed and it was a democrat candidate that was being indicted and tried during a presidential election.

Anonymous said...

Cry me a river.

Wolf's Head said...

There will be overflowing tears of joy when Trump is elected.

Maybe we can change the Constitution to give Trump some more terms to make up for the one stolen from him. He's pretty energetic, only needs a few hours sleep each night, so maybe 2 or 3 more would give him time to groom a successor.

The future is bright with hope, opportunity, prosperity and peace!

Red Hornet said...

Dump the Maggot, Jerry.