Thursday, August 10, 2023

Oh Dear Lord


“I believe God may be calling me to help the country during this important time. In calling our previous donors, I am finding overwhelming encouragement.” 

--Rev. Mark Harris

To recap: The Reverend ran successfully in 2018 for the 9th CD, beat the Republican incumbent Robert Pittenger in the primary and then beat Democrat Dan McCready in the general election, but had it all thrown out because of absentee ballot fraud allegedly perpetrated by a Mark Harris campaign hiree, McCrae Dowless (now deceased and never convicted). Harris was photographed sobbing as his son testified against him at the State Board of Elections hearing, after which a new election was ordered (the special election that Dan Bishop ended up winning).

That Rev. Mark Harris (who's currently a senior pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Mooresville). He told Dallas Woodhouse at Carolina Journal that "God may be calling me," and I appreciate the modesty of the conditional "may be," but I've known a lot of Baptist preachers in my life and forbearance ain't generally in their skill-set. Besides, in the very next sentence, he brings up "previous donors" and their "overwhelming encouragement," and may be those potential dollars speak louder than any Still Small Voice. 

Plus there's always waaay too much stuff that needs saving to hold back the immodesty. So Harris tells Woodhouse that he may run for what is now the 8th CD, and I expect he will. That's the seat that the aforementioned Dan Bishop is giving up to run for our Attorney General. When the Republicans send their candidates, they don't always send their best.


Wolf's Head said...

I think I read in a history of the lost state of Frankin that they banned lawyers, doctors and preachers from public office.

It was a good start, too bad it didn't catch on.

Red Hornet said...

Ambition is to join the "Crybaby Caucus."