Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Virginia Foxx Draws a Primary Challenger for 2016

And she's something of a Foxx Fox News celeb.

Patti Curran, "housewife, mother, and Army veteran," thinks that Virginia Foxx has been too much the Party girl in Washington, kissing up to John Boehner and failing to end Obamacare.

Yep. Virginia Foxx is waaaaay too liberal for the 5th district of North Carolina!

Hattip: LE.

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brotherdoc said...

Reading the adulatory remarks running under the story on the W-S Journal site about Pattie gives one pause...perhaps she recruited a dozen or so ladies from her local TP coven to write on her behalf, but if the mindset of her fans is any indication, Our Foxxy Lady will come off as downright sane compared to Pattie.