Monday, December 22, 2014

The Stubborn Facts vs. Governor McCrory

In a taped interview on WSOC-TV in Charlotte, Governor Pat McCrory made certain claims about his "ethics in government" record, specifically his Statement of Economic Interest, which he is required by law to file with the state's ethics office:
"I followed the instructions on all the questionnaires.""I've been very up front in my documentation."
"I have followed all the rules and regulations required of public officials."
And then Gov. McCrory told WRAL in Raleigh:
"We did nothing improper. We did nothing unethical. We followed all the rules of North Carolina."
"I've been filling those ethics forms out for 20-years."
"We have followed what the form requested. We have been very transparent."
But in fact:
Gov. McCrory failed to report ownership of Duke Energy stock on his 2014 Statement of Economic Interest (SEI).
Gov. McCrory failed to report over $185,000 of dividend income from on his 2014 SEI.
And Gov. McCrory failed to report his membership position on the board of directors of on his 2013 SEI.
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Anonymous said...

McCrory's active defense of corrupt practices is quite sad for the residents of NC. The "reformer" brings his own version of the "Chicago way" to southern politics.