Friday, September 25, 2009

Money Buys More Democrats

The NYTimes reports this a.m. that four New Jersey Democrats (both U.S. senators and two House members) pressured the Food & Drug Administration to approve for sale a medical device that the agency's own scientists had unanimously and repeatedly judged "unsafe" after the corporation that developed the device paid off the senators and the house members with hefty contributions.

Screw 'em.

It's exactly this kind of thing that makes us grind our teeth down to nubbins and sends us looking for the neighbor's cat so we can have something warm-blooded to kick.

Michael Moore has it right, of course: until we get corporations (and everyone else with "special interests") and their big bags of money out of the political system, we'll continue to have this sleazy, sluttish form of democracy.

'Pears this is Black Friday for us, as far as fellow Democrats are concerned.

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