Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Madam Foxx Proves Once Again She's Not Ready for Prime Time

Safely away from those pesky constituents of hers in the 5th District, those people who scare the be-Jeebus out of her, Virginia "Loose Cannon" Foxx managed to get all racial yesterday on the House floor. Steve Benen at Political Animal has the fullest account.

Says Benen, "It's worth noting that Foxx is positioning herself as one of Congress' nuttiest members."

I know, I know ... Obermann featured the Madam last night as the Worst Person in the World.

An anonymous poster on Glenn Thrush's blog:
It is amazing how people fail to see how race is a factor with conservative strategy and unconscious actions. That is the same as saying, "You're right, honey. I do like the color of the dress. You know Betty from the office? Well, she is fat and is looking forward to the office party." I have a friend in congress, who is old and gray, and he is working hard for the American people. It doesn't matter that Betty is overweight, that a congressman is old and gray, and that President Obama is black. I assume that Rep Foxx attained the office due to some intelligence. I wish she and other representatives would use it for constructive arguments.

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