Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foxx Votes Against NC Jobless Workers

The House voted yesterday to extend jobless benefits to laid-off workers in 27 states where unemployment is 8.5% or higher. North Carolina is one of those states. The unemployment benefits bill passed on a vote of 331-83, a whopping majority including every single member of the North Carolina delegation, both Democrats and Republicans ... save one (and, yes, Virginia, you're a shining example of a horse's ass) ... Virginia "Loose Cannon" Foxx.

The few Republicans, including Foxx, who voted against helping workers took the line of blaming Obama for these economic times rather than their own lately unlamented former administration.

Those Republicans, including Madam Foxx, are into increasing the economic pain on ordinary citizens in order to make our current president look bad in the long run.

Classy move.

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