Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wading the Buffalo Dust

I mean, you can't step over the shit.

Americans for Keeping Corporate Health-Care Profits manufactures coordinated mob action against Democratic members of Congress, inducing elderly Americans on Medicare to come out and protest "government-run health care," meaning, logically, that they want their own insurance coverage ended and will gladly put themselves at the mercy of the huge insurance corporations mounting the "astroturf" protests.

The racists of the Obama "birther" movement steal an Australian birth certificate and forge it to make the president appear to be born in Kenya before it was Kenya, supposedly in a Kenyan city that was actually part of Zanzibar at the time of his birth. Forgery ain't these guys' strong suit. The fact that we have a black president has deranged Lou Dobbs. And Chuck Norris (bless his heart).

Fox News, pausing to draw a breath in its promotion of astroturf protests against reforming health care, hyper-ventilates against "Cash for Clunkers," deciding that the overwhelming success of the program (in running out of the allotted money so fast) must mean the program was a huge failure. You can't just sneeze at "news judgment" that creative! Fox commentator Mara Liasson compared Cash for Clunkers to the failures during Hurricane Katrina. I'm not kidding.

John Bolton (whose puss is pictured above) gets indignant that former President Bill Clinton successfully springs Euna Lee and Laura Ling from a North Korean jail. There's moral relativism for you.

And our absolute favorite pile of bull feces today: Joe Lucas, vice president of communications for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, a front group for (dirty) coal, told the Guardian that dynamiting the tops off of mountains is actually a good thing for Appalachia cause it gives the hillbillies some flat land to square dance on. Okay, he didn't say the last part of that sentence, but he did say that mountaintop removal was good because it provides flat land.

This is just a sampling of the people who were thrown out of power last November and who think if they scream loud enough, and insult our intelligence just a little bit more, the American people will welcome them back in 2010 to run everything further into the ground.

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