Friday, August 14, 2009

Maybe It's a Dick Thing

NC-11 Congressman Heath Shuler expressed his loving concern for big insurance corporations (word is, they've exchanged rings) in a telephone town hall yesterday. Bottomline: Don't look to this Democrat to vote with the Democrats.

Anne at Scrutiny Hooligans has the best summary of Shuler's blah-blah:
He focused his answers to various questions on:

1) private insurance -- with a few tweaks -- is fantastic because change is uncertain and Medicare has fraud,

2) the Blue Dogs are our saviours, rah,

3) Medicare has waste and fraud (unlike the Dept of Defense's $2 TRILLION dollars unaccounted for, Heath?),

4) We need incentives for Americans to stop eating Twinkies and to get up off the couch,

5) If Americans would just take better care of themselves and stop having accidents and getting cancer, health care would be a lot less costly (on the CEO's bottom line),

6) the Blue Dogs are great, rah,

7) Electronic records will save the day,

8) Private insurance really is great and loves you -- you just have to look closer, and believe their promises that they won't shove you off the plank when you get cancer,

9) Yes, I and the Blue Dogs took $$ from the health care industry, but that doesn't influence us, and, the Blue Dogs are saving America, rah.

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