Friday, August 07, 2009

How Foxx Does It

Some pro-health care reform citizens showed up in Mocksville yesterday to protest Virginia Foxx at the only public event she has so far announced in the 5th Dist. Go ahead: Just try to find your Congresswoman during the August recess (unless you're attending one of her high-dollar fundraisers). The 30+ protesters had a permit from the Mocksville police and did not engage in shouting, booing, intimidation, or incendiary rhetoric, but the Mocksville police were nevertheless flummoxed, as if the Hell's Angels had rolled into town. (Our amateur Davie County historian thinks it may have been the first political protest in that county, possibly since the Regulator Movement in 1768.) An eye-witness account is here, along with more pics.

Foxx put off speaking at the Masonic Picnic until the local police had disappeared the protest, and when she did take the microphone, according to our snitch on the inside, she "spoke with almost no political overtones, except for affirming that we live in the greatest country on earth. She mostly spoke about the joy of summer and gardening, and picking and cooking a mess of beans, and frying some squash and serving it to her husband."

Virginia Foxx, one of the most outrageous butchers of partisan red meat in the Republican House caucus in D.C., whose distortions, lies, insults, preening ego, and general assholery (here's just a bare sampling) have been the talk of the nation and which behavior sparked the protest in Mocksville yesterday, turns all grandmother-and-apple-dumplings.

Academy Award for political acting? Or evidence of bipolar disorder?

Or simple political smugness. Foxx knows the voters of Davie County will follow her to hell (and approximately half-way back), that they likely don't read anything much beyond the Mocksville Enterprise Record and the menu board at the Mocksville Hardees, and that they watch Fox News exclusively and non-stop. The work has been done for her. So why risk unhinging your jaw and appearing in your true alien form, especially with unfriendly listeners in the audience?

Plus Madam Foxx is frankly and obviously terrified of people who do not immediately and reverently kiss her political butt. After Foxx's speech yesterday: "There was one little mishap, when our organizer walked up to her afterwards, and introduced herself as the Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Davie County. Virginia backed away and turned so abruptly she ALMOST, but saved by a trusty Veteran, fell off the stage."

She can dish it as long as she is well insulated and protected and cosseted by adoring supporters. But she turns into a stumbling coward at the mere approach of a demon Democrat, even a totally non-threatening woman.

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