Friday, August 04, 2006

This Bodes Some Strange Eruption to Our State

It'll be former Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker facing off for the Republicans against Democrat Harold Ford ... for Bill Frist's Tennessee Senate seat.

The Democrats (or most of them anyway) held firm against the truly bizarre attempt by congressional Republicans to pair a modest rise in the federal minimum wage with a billion-$ giveaway to the filthy rich.

Challenger Ned Lamont in Connecticut is now polling double digits ahead of Joe Lieberman in the Democratic senate primary. Panic has evidently set in.

Lieberman's biggest supporter, El Presidente, has scaled down his annual month-long vacation to ten measly days. Nothing communicates flop-sweat like that! Blame Katrina ... the bitch!

Tom DeLay's bloated political corpse has been ordered to stay on the ballot in his Texas House district. Though dead, he walks. Thou art a scholar, Horatio. Speak to it.

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