Sunday, August 13, 2006

Has Nancy Pelosi Moved to Asheville?

According to the Charlotte Observer, Charlie Taylor, running second (actually) in his reelection campaign from the NC-11, has opened up a negative campaign, not against Heath Shuler, the Democrat who's actually running against Taylor, but against Nancy Pelosi, who represents a district farther west. A Taylor radio spot warns: "The Pelosi game plan: Elect Heath Shuler and others like him, and take over Congress with the votes of illegal immigrants."

In the jargon of boxing, this is called "flailing wildly."

Fully 17 percent of voters in the NC-11 even know who Nancy Pelosi is, and some 8 percent of THOSE people care about her. A much higher percentage of western North Carolinians do care that Taylor seems to represent corporate interests a good deal more attentively than he does the people of his district.

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