Monday, August 28, 2006

Sharpe Upsets Foxx (In More Ways Than One)

We like seeing this talk about a political earthquake this year that would take out The Madam and put a good man in her seat, Roger Sharpe.

After his speech Saturday night in Boone to several hundred Watauga County Democrats, old party veterans were looking at each other and saying, "It could by Gawd happen!"

What a speech it was!

Meanwhile, Madam Foxx is doing her part to make herself unappetizing even to the Republican faithful. Her recent meeting with the Republican members of the Blowing Rock City Council over the Forest Service's plan to clear-cut the land directly below the town "did not go well," according to a participant.

True to her native arrogance, Foxx cussed the Blowing Rockers for putting pressure on her about the timber harvest. Apparently, if you don't have an opinion perfectly in synch with the congresswoman's, and if you dare to contact her with that opinion, well, get ready for a tongue-lashing.

One Republican in that meeting later said, "That's the last time I'll ever vote for that woman."

Arrogance like Foxx's eventually catches up with a person.

Virginia Got-Rich-On-The-Backs-of-Immigrant-Labor Foxx DID have the arrogance, incidentally, to show up at the "field hearing" in Gastonia on Friday. No self-serving and highly hypocritical quotes from her that we've found yet.

Foxx released a statement about how "out of touch" Roger Sharpe is on her hot-button issue of border security.

It is important to point out that I sympathize with those who desperately wish to live the American dream here, on American soil. I understand their desire for liberty, free markets, property rights and guaranteed freedoms.

I'm so sympathetic ... I give some of them the freedom to wash my clothes, scrub my floors, and hoist plants in my nursery. God, I love the free market!

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