Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Desperation at the RNCC

Someone forwarded to me an e-mail that went out to the wide world from the Republican National Congressional Committee. Of course, fundraising appeals have always tried to push emotional buttons, but this one, rather than the standard gay-liberal-socialist-Democrats-want-to-sell-America-out-to-terrorists pitch, we get this:

Republican Congressional candidates are facing a desperate situation nationwide. Our candidates in targeted districts are in very serious danger of losing on Election Day. And if we lose those swing districts, the Democrats will undoubtedly win the majority on November 7th.

That's sort of ... how you say? ... straight-forward.

The author of this e-mail, NRCC Executive Director Sally Vastola, waxes confessional: "I have not personally seen a more grave and dire situation for Republicans."

Yeah, that'll shake the money tree.

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