Saturday, November 05, 2005

What's This? Kilgore To Be Seen With Bush!

What possibly could have happened to make Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore all giddy like a school girl ... that El Presidente Himself will come to the Old Dominion on Monday -- election eve -- and personally campaign for Kilgore's election. What possibly could have happened to turn Kilgore around, who just last week didn't want to be seen anywhere in Bush's general vicinity?

A poll showing Democrat Tim Kaine with a 3-point lead ... that's what.

Even at this distance we can see flop-sweat breaking out all over the Virginia GOP, which by rights and by all logical odds ought to be sweeping to victory in Virginia. Instead, the soft-on-capital-punishment, "liberalliberalliberal" Tim Kaine is LEADING.

Granted, it ain't much of a lead, and double-granted, the election may put Kaine's dick in the dirt (as they say in Nelson County), but gosh we're enjoying the spectacle of the formerly snubbed Chief Executive of the United States of America suddenly Jerry Kilgore's bosom-buddy. They obviously need each other. And richly deserve each other.

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