Monday, November 07, 2005

The Puppet and the Puppet-Master

"We do not torture."
--President George W. Bush, in Panama, yesterday.

"In recent months, [Vice President Dick] Cheney has been the force against adding safeguards to the Defense Department's rules on treatment of military prisoners."
--Washington Post, "Cheney Fights for Detainee Policy: As Pressure Mounts to Limit Handling Of Terror Suspects, He Holds Hard Line," 7 Nov. 2005.

Do these two guys even talk any more? Or has Master Cheney perfected his ventriloquism to long-distance control of El Presidente's moving parts?

"We do not torture." We can say that because we've got Rumanians and Poles from the old Gulag system doing it for us. Or God knows who else.

"We do not torture."

We and the rest of the world don't believe you, Mr. President.

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