Friday, November 11, 2005

Robinson Rules Out Running Against Foxx in a Primary

Ousted Republican city councilman Vernon Robinson of Winston-Salem has ruled out challenging Virginia Foxx again next year for her Fifth District seat in Congress. From yesterday's Scott Sexton column in the Winston-Salem Journal:

"Though Robinson wouldn't (and couldn't) predict his next move yesterday, he did emphatically rule out the Foxx option. 'Vernon Robinson is not going to run against Virginia,' he said. 'And unless they plan on losing, no one else -- Ted Kaplan or Al Joines -- should, either. The GOP might lose 60 seats in Congress next year, but the 5th District won't be one of them.' "

Ted Kaplan and Allen Joines are both Winston-Salem Democrats, and both have talked publicly about challenging Virginia next year.

So far as Robinson's prediction that Virginia can't be beat, well, he's entitled to his opinion, but we're not prepared to take political advice from the man who called Foxx a flaming liberal feminist last year when he ran against her.

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