Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Foxx Wants To Cut Off N.C.'s Federal Highway Money

Her president sinks to historic lows in job-approval ratings, what does a freshman Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives do?

Her party suffers humiliating defeats just yesterday in state and local elections, what's a freshman Republican U.S. representative to do?

Why, change the subject.

So Madame Virginia Foxx is teaming up with five of N.C.'s seven Republican House members to demand that her home state stop issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, or else! Else what? Else she'll work to cut off North Carolina's share of federal highway dollars. Cool!

They've got a corrupt administration with the blood of thousands on their hands, no moral compass in the way federal money gets spent, and they want to punish their own state while trumping up a little down-home race bias against immigrants' getting driver's licenses.

This is called manufacturing an issue which is guaranteed in an Old South state to have a built-in constituency. What's next? Repeal of the anti-lynching laws?

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