Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Great Moments in the American Presidency

"On evenings such as these, Deep Throat had talked about how politics had infiltrated every corner of government -- a strong-arm takeover of the agencies by the Nixon White House .... He had once called it the 'switchblade mentality' -- and had referred to the willingness of the president's men to fight dirty and for keeps .... The Nixon White House worried him. 'They are underhanded and unknowable,' he had said numerous times." -- "All the President's Men," 1974.

"President Bush criticized Senate Democrats on Tuesday for 'stalling' a vote on John R. Bolton's nomination as ambassador to the United Nations, and indicated that he would not grant them access to intelligence documents they have demanded to see before allowing the confirmation to go ahead." NYTimes, 1 June 2005.

Plus ... "Things You Would Never Realize If You Didn't Watch C-SPAN":

1. Nixon was the victim of the Liberal Media. They made up all that stuff about Watergate because they hated him.

2. Nixon never broke any laws. And even if he did, he was protecting the country from enemies that wanted to destroy us.

3. And even if it all happened, it wasn't as bad as a blowjob in the Oval Office.

4. Obeying the law (for Mark Felt, a.k.a., "Deep Throat") was more important than the truth. Serving the "truth" (for religious zealots) is more important than obeying the law.

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