Sunday, June 26, 2005

El Presidente at Ft. Bragg Tuesday Night

George W. Bush has decided to come where men are guaranteed to salute an immovable stump ... for his Tuesday night address to the nation in prime time ... not to admit to anything that every last one of us knows is the truth but to buck us up for War Without End Amen.

Jerry Meek, the state Democratic chairman, is quoted in today's N&O, saying of El Presidente, "I hope for once he will be honest with the American people about what led us to war and about the planning, or lack thereof, that was done and on how we are going to get out of the mess he created." By which he meant, "The little sonovabitch has SOME gall coming to North Carolina to ladle out the pabulum!"

Anyway, you can decide for yourself how best to spend Tuesday, but there IS a big peace protest scheduled that day in downtown Fayetteville.

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