Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Collusion? Rhymes with Confusion

Mike Allen reports in today's WashPost, "Within a day after President Bush taps a Supreme Court nominee, a conservative group with an $18 million budget for the confirmation fight plans to be on the air with a heartwarming ad featuring vintage photos of the candidate to try to cement a sympathetic portrait."

Riddle me this, Bunky: Doesn't that kind of plan require working with the White House well ahead of any announcement? We know media is quick quick quick these days, but even so, it takes more than 24 hours to produce a television ad, especially one "featuring vintage photos of the candidate." "Heart-warming" can take an additional full day! The White House's bringing in conservative shock troops ahead of time to feed them biographical info on their planned nominee also implies that those same conservative groups actually get a veto on any nominee they don't like ... not that El Presidente would EVER nominate anyone even slightly less anti-abortion than Rehnquist and Scalia.

Are we foolish to take even a smidgen of consolation that we're now two days removed from the end of the Supreme Court's session, and still no resignation announcements?

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