Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Libertarians Reaching Leftward?

Lew Rockwell, whose libertarian blog is one of our regular watering holes, is urging fellow libertarians to stop reaching out to the Republican Right and reach Left instead. Why? Because the so-called "conservative majority" in the U.S. is tending fascist:

"If you follow hate-filled sites such as Free Republic, you know that the populist right in this country has been advocating nuclear holocaust and mass bloodshed for more than a year now. The militarism and nationalism dwarfs anything I saw at any point during the Cold War. It celebrates the shedding of blood, and exhibits a maniacal love of the state. The new ideology of the red-state bourgeoisie seems to actually believe that the U.S. is God marching on earth -- not just godlike, but really serving as a proxy for God himself. Along with this goes a kind of worship of the presidency, and a celebration of all things public sector, including egregious law like the Patriot Act, egregious bureaucracies like the Department of Homeland Security, and egregious centrally imposed regimentation like the No Child Left Behind Act. It longs for the state to throw its weight behind institutions like the two-parent heterosexual family, the Christian charity, the homogeneous community of native-born patriots."

My own libertarian streak would welcome common-cause with libertarians of Lew Rockwell's intellectual rigor.

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