Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bush Is Gonna Get All Moral on Old People

Uh oh. El Presidente sez in his weekly radio address, he sez, "Saving Social Security is an economic challenge. But it is also a profound moral obligation."

The last time he raised the "moral" red flag, we had to go to war to rid Iraq of some WMDs it didn't have.

Now we're gonna rid old people of a Social Security crisis they also don't have. (The most conservative assessments of Social Security say it's fully solvent until at least 2018.) But according to El Presidente, the system's broken, eek! there's a crisis, we've got to do something NOW ... like move legislation forward that will "privatize" the system, i.e., guarantee the ultimate demise of the ultimate "socialistic" Democratic program.

But, then, we're doing torture as national policy now, so what the hey?

ADDENDUM: Read about the Bush administration's secret plan to use Social Security money to help propagandize against it here. (Thanks to Alice)

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