Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Brave Thirteen

These are the 13 senators who thought we could do better than put a liar in as the new Secretary of State:

Akaka of Hawaii
Bayh of Indiana (that one's a surprise)
Boxer of California (that one's not)
Byrd of West Virginia
Dayton of Minnesota
Durbin of Illinois
Harkin of Iowa
Jeffords of Vermont
Kennedy of Massachusetts
Kerry of Massachusetts
Lautenberg of New Jersey
Levin of Michigan
Reed of Rhode Island

They need to be thanked for taking a courageous stand against the continued warping of the truth by this administration. There are 32 other Democratic senators who deserve a good scolding. But even with that lot siding for Ms Rice, she had the most no votes of any Secretary of State since the 1920s.

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