Sunday, January 16, 2011

New GOP General Assembly Gets Down to Business: 1st, Limit the Freedom of Women

Thom Tillis, the new Republican speaker of the NC House, took time off from praying on Saturday to assure the right-wing of his party that he's no wimp when it comes to forcing women to procreate.

We didn't expect less.


Brushfire said...

Who says a woman's body belongs to her? It's clearly the property of the state!

censored said...

Was the comment on the murder of unborn babies to hot for this blog?

Oliver said...

So what else does one expect from the ignorant and the GREEDY? Governing??

Independent Mom said...

Because, after all, as a grown woman, how could I possibly know what I must and must not do?

BikerBard said...

To Censored
That's the sound of silence.